Wine Cellar

Sommelier's Message

An evening at The Hobbit is your opportunity to experience the tradition of pre-fixe dining. Part of this evening includes a visit to our wine cellar where we like to offer you a complete tactile experience with our wine list. The list is vast. The list is varied. The list is real. While there is no list in paper and ink, you may visit the virtual list online at our website. Or you could let the anticipation build until you visit the list in person.
Once here in the cellar, dinner menu in one hand and champagne in the other, you are presented with over a thousand bottles from which to choose. Our staff is at your service should the choices overwhelm you. Owner and Executive Chef Michael Philippi, is the architect behind the list and has been building the wine collection over three decades.
The Sommelier for The Hobbit offers suggestions for wines paired with the menu as well as wines for your particular tastes or occasions. Our entire service staff holds an enthusiasm for the selection and service of your wines and we look forward to your visit in the cellar.
For all our fans that have not registered their E-mail address with us, now is the time. Not only do we send out reminders and invitations for our special events via E-mail, we also have E-mail only opportunities such as free corkage nights that require E-mail confirmation to take advantage of. Please register with us today!